4. Heart of Offering

Points to Ponder:


As we’re growing it’s often easy to just keep moving forward and not always take the time to process our lessons and victories and claim the milestones we’re reaching.  This is especially true when we feel we still have so far to go!  However, having a heart to offer our successes, progress, and lessons to God is a key part of growing.

God is less concerned with what you offer, but more with the heart with which we offer.  It’s the attitude of the person making the offering that makes all the difference.  

Through our offerings we come back to God.  Ideally, God could just accept us as we are, but because of the Fall, the way back to God is through offerings: our actions, heart, effort, and investment.

What makes for a good offering?

First, is a heart of gratitude.  We set goals and work to achieve them.  We might have worked really hard and it might have led to the results we wanted to see, or maybe it didn’t. Maybe it was really challenging. Can you still be grateful? If we can be grateful, we separate ourselves from Satan who can’t be grateful.  God can relate to your heart and receive your offering.  However, if we complain, or harbor resentment, the offering or Blessing may be lost/dropped.

Second, is a heart of humility.  This comes from acknowledging that our successes aren’t just our own, but came on the foundation of those who have come before us, those who encourage and support us, and our comrades in our journey.

Thirdly, is a heart of repentance.  No matter how well I did or how hard I worked, I could have done more, I could have loved or given more.  This isn’t a put down or a belittling of our accomplishments; rather, this is the attitude opposite of complacency.  It helps prevent us from slipping into the mindset, “Oh, that was good enough, I did my part, etc.” Instead, it helps us see this as one milestone on the journey that continues ahead of us.

When we have such a heart, we feel “ I can do this again the next day” and we don’t have that feeling of being exhausted and “I deserve a break now.”   

If I check myself on these three attitudes, I can always make a complete offering.  It allows God to renew us and fill us up again and we feel encouraged and empowered to take the next step in our journey of growth.

Discussion questions for before/after the reading:

  1. What have you learned about yourself? About growth through this trinity?
  2. How has this helped you in your life of faith?
  3. What are three things you want to continue to do to develop your life of faith?


“It seems as if we are losing the most precious things when we sacrifice or when we offer something; but by offering something to God we never lose anything. God will give back even more precious things to you. God wants to give you everything, everything precious – truth, life, love, joy, eternal life – everything. But even for God it is impossible to give something unconditionally. Therefore, an offering is just a condition through which God can give more precious things than we offered.” – Rev. Sudo

“The person’s purpose is to be saved by giving the offering, and God’s purpose is to restore man by having him make the offering.”  – Way of Tradition. Vol 2. – Offering

“What is offering? The offering is a small condition to restore all things. In order for the offering to be accepted by God, man must put all of his love and heart into this offering – more love and loyalty than the degree of Satan’s attachment to it. Satan cannot claim the offering which is united completely with the heart of the man.” – Way of Tradition. Vol 2. – Offering p.178


This week we invite you to take a few minutes to reflect on the main take aways and lesson from this trinity experience.  After reflecting, we encourage you to take some time to pray or find a way of sharing this milestone with God.